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Ugly Duck Sale!

$4.50 / On Sale

Sometimes soaps do not go as planned. These are some of our regular soaps, but with cosmetic defects. Consider them seconds-quality.

Ugly Ducks available:
- The Witching Hour - Crumbly corners from their removal from their square molds. Both still weigh 5 ounces, same as all Salt Bars.
- Berry Sorbet - Caught a corner while rearranging soaps in storage. Still great, just smooshed on one corner.
- Positively Peppermint - Both of these bars missed the mark for the normal weight of our salt bars. They weigh closer to 4oz, and are labeled as such. Still the same beautiful bars, but 20% less than the full price ones.
- Prism - These 3 bars weren't ready for cutting yet, so the designs are smudged. After some use, the flaws won't be visible, it's only a surface flaw.
- Black Cherry - This bar is slightly under weight, and didn't make the cut for the regular batch.
- Beautiful Day (not pictured) - These 2 soaps were on the end of the loaf, so they resemble the "heel" of a loaf of bread. One side is perfect, the other.. not so much!

  • Witching Hour 1 in stock
  • Berry Sorbet 1 in stock
  • Positively Peppermint Sold Out
  • Prism 3 in stock
  • Black Cherry Sold Out
  • Beautiful Day 2 in stock