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Miniature Soaps Flowers


Sometimes when a batch of soap is poured, there is extra batter leftover. We've decided to use some of this "extra" to make adorable flower shaped soaps!
They weigh between .5-.7 oz each, and measure about 1.5 inches in diameter and half an inch tall. Perfect for travel, guest room or just to sample a new scent for yourself!

These will be packed in a small zip baggie with a business card, similar to how our sample soaps arrive. The business card will have the ingredients list of the soap, as well as the soap name.

Ingredients: Will vary by soap. If you are allergic to specific ingredients, please check the product listing for the full size bar and verify its ingredients before purchase. You may also contact us with any questions before purchasing.
Since these are made from that extra batter, these will be constantly changing with new additions.

  • FreshFace (Sea Clay) Sold Out
  • HappyFace (Charcoal) 2 in stock
  • HappyFace (Oatmeal) Sold Out
  • HappyFace (Rose) 3 in stock
  • Jewelweed (Scented) Sold Out
  • Jewelweed (Unscented) 3 in stock