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Puzzle Piece Soaps


These puzzle piece soaps are absolutely adorable! Colored in the same shades as our Prism soaps, as well as the same bright fruity and floral fragrance.
Each soap weighs roughly .7 ounces (19 grams), and you get to choose the color. All soaps smell the same, just with different colors.
The last photo is the gift pack option. If you would like the soaps packaged in the tins with eco-shred paper, please add the needed amounts of tins and they will arrive packed in the tin. You can buy the tins here .
If tins aren't purchased, these will arrive in single zip bags (shown in second photo) with the ingredients on a business card.

  • Red 3 in stock
  • Orange 5 in stock
  • Yellow 4 in stock
  • Green 1 in stock
  • Blue 1 in stock
  • Purple Sold Out
  • Green/Purple Swirl 1 in stock