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Ugly Duck Sale!

$4.50 / On Sale

Sometimes soaps do not go as planned. These are some of our regular soaps, but with cosmetic defects. Consider them seconds-quality.

Ugly Ducks available:
- Eucalyptus Menthol Shower Steamers - These came out less than perfect looking, but still contain the exact same ingredients as our full-price steamers. The designs on top are either not pretty or completely absent.
- The Witching Hour - Crumbly corners from their removal from their square molds. Both still weigh 5 ounces, same as all Salt Bars.
- Prism - These 2 bars were just a smidge underweight, so they can't be sold as our regular 4oz bars. They come without front labels, but do include paper wrapping and back labels.

  • Witching Hour Sold Out
  • Prism Sold Out
  • Euc + Menthol Steamers 1 in stock