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Our Story

My husband and I realized we wanted a different kind of life, so we packed up and bought 10 acres in Northeast Texas and started naturally farming. I had always loved the look and feel of natural soap, so I decided to start making my own here on the homestead. Hobby continued to grow, and before I knew it I had orders from friends and family to make even more! Since I enjoy creating soap so much, I figured I'd try my hand at farmer's markets. The response was overwhelming! When the weather and children permit, we go to as many markets as possible, meeting wonderful folks and selling produce and handcrafted body products.

We live on our farm with our 2 boys, a grumpy old dog, a cuddly barn cat, 12 chickens and 2 horses. Our farm is called Hungry Boy Farms, and you can find us on Facebook here: Hungry Boy Farms

And our Facebook Page for our Soaps here: Silver Frame Soap Works